Friday, June 6, 2008

Alameda Reflection

In Alameda there were Mexicans,white people,African Americans,Asians, and not that many liquor stores there were a lot of restaurants near by and there was allot of people walking and there was little trash and there was allot of police walking around in the street that made me feel better because you can count on the safety of the people not like in East Oakland the police take there 2 hours to get to a crime scene and you usually don't see the cruising in the streets because they are unorganized.So after that we went to the beach and we just kind of chilled we played football.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

San Francisco-Castro District

Yesterday we went to the Castro district in San Francisco what I thought would be that part of Frisco is that it would be a big part of the gay and lesbian places. So it was full of gay people you did not see no one calling them names or other stuff. What I liked about the Castro was that no one was mean every one was nice and they did want to get interviewed like we went inside this bank and the man did do the interview not like in Oakland saying they get in trouble. Another thing is they got hella lot of restaurants and other places to buy food, there were allot of liquor stores like in Oakland in every street there were two.After that then we went to chill at this park and I played on the play structure even though I'am not a little kid no more and then I was on the swings for 10min I really liked that field trip. So after all I liked the fieldtrip i did not want to go to the trip but it was cool to go to a diffrent place that i did not know about it and were the people are nicer than the town I come from

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lakeshore & Rose Garden

My experience was that there were allot of whites and blacks few Asians and Mexicans in that pat of Oakland there was allot to see different places to eat it looked way better than the East Side of Oakland. Many people did not want to get interviewed because either they were to busy. So our group kept on asking and asking people just ignored us or we would talk to them they would just walk away from us. So after that we went to a park called the rose garden it was really nice but what i was wondering do they have a rose garden in east Oakland because i have never seen one. So i didn’t do much at the garden we just got there and i sat down because i was tired of all the walking we did. So after the visit to the rose garden we walked to the bus stop so we could all go home. So i really liked the trip to Lakeshore & Rose garden.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Old Oakland and Lake Merrit Reflection

My Experience in Old Oakland was that it was going to be deserted because the buildings are old but my perspection changed because there was a Farmers Market that is when people buy health foods.Old Oakland is located in Oakland by the Down Town area. There were allot of people that buy that healthy stuff they sell there were few people that said yes that we could interview them next there were people to say no because ethir they did not know about our topic or there were to busy with the people. So in that part allot of people go there is every single friday it is a good place to go if you need healthy stuff.So after that we wen to Lake Merrit and we went on the paddle boat and I went in the boat with juven and i was scared because i had never been on a boat so after that i saw that nothing would happen to me or him i was not scared no more it was a good experience for me to go on a boat.

Friday, May 30, 2008

This Man

The city of Oakland is a great place to live if you don't mess with people you won't have any problems If you get into all the gang banging stuff and drugs you will have problems. People have so many problems in their lives that they just live with it and they end up doing something stupid with their lives. Because I know this dude that he use to do drugs and use to sell his mom's microwaves and gold for as low as 10 dollars so he could buy some drugs so his mom lived like that for about 5 years. She sanded him to Mexico and he back two months ago claming that he did not do drugs telling every one that use to see him buying drugs. So just a few days ago my friend told me you know dude he is doing drugs again I was like you are lying he said know he is messing his life up again his mom acts like she does not know that he does that he does not work and is mom is the one that has to support him by giving him money. With that money he buys his pack of cigarettes and his utensils for whatever drug he smokes. I thought he was not doing that sh*t no more I started to see him as my rowmodle because I thought he had change there are people that care about him is sister tells him to stop but he does not stop doing that stuff. When the police heard he was out here again they came out to get him because he had a search warrant so the police saw that he changed they let him go that is what he says.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Ghetto-Oakland

Oakland is a good city to live in no matter what the news media has to say about the negative stuff that happens in Oakland people do all they crazy stuff they do like join gangs because they can't get the support they need in live to survive so people hear that gangs are cool that they are like your family so people say they join gangs because they can survive and they get the protection they need but they are wrong you just live running from rival gang members and messing up your life doing drugs eventually you will end up crazy. People just kill each other for a stupid color at the end they all come from the same place latinos killing latinos. So the other big problem in Oakland is the drugs people consume drugs because they feel relaxed and the other thing is that allot of people i see in Oakland on the streets were I use to live people selling drugs and allot of people going crazy of the drugs. So the other thing that does not prevent violence is the police they just don't care about the kids in oakland they are all on the streets selling drugs. Why do you think they do that is because like i was saying they have no support from there parents. Some times there parents are the ones consuming the drugs and they don't care about there kids they leave them by them selves and they have to do something in order to survive some kids see there parents messed up they want to do the same thing. I lost my mom i still think of her and i am still hanging in to my live to not do something stupid and fuck my life up i am going to hang on to the game and become something in live I don't care what all the hating people say about my family f them

My Summary of Chinatown

I though that Chinatown in Oakland was right here on 18Th street in East Oakland but it's over there by the downtown area and it's close by to Broadway.So what I thought about the people that would be out there was that maybe there would be a mix of races but not that much so then I thought to myself they are not going to speak English allot of people did not speak English because they did not want to or they just did not know. So for me it was kind of hard to be asking people around if they wanted to get interview. So allot of people would just get scared and say they did not want to because they were really busy when they did not have no people there. The major difference that I saw between fruitvale and Chinatown was that in Chinatown they were fixing the road and making they buildings better to open new business's and right here on the fruitvale district there are more merchants that sell allot of stuff to Latinos and in Chinatown is mostly Chinese people. The surprises that I saw was that the people out there they have a different perspective's when they see other races i think they get scared because they see people that don't look like them. So what I saw about health was they were allot of Health services and there was a pharmacy so they really get all the help that they need at least that is what i think. So that was a weird experience for me and my group